Control4 - Home Smartomation made easy!!!

Control4 is one of the biggest names in home automation. Long before Apple was pushing its HomeKit ecosystem, years before Google unveiled its Assistant, and in the days where the only echo at Amazon was if someone shouted inside one its warehouses, Control4 has been creating bespoke smart home systems for its customers - through its authorised dealer program - using connected products, from a wealth of different partners. Launched over 15 years ago (at the 2004 CEDIA Expo home technology trade show), Control4 specialises in high-end products, at high-end prices, for users who not only want the reassurance of a professional installation but also a support system to rely on to maintain and update their connected tech.  However, while Control4 may have had the jump on its more mainstream, and cheaper, smart home rivals, it is now operating in a market where connected home products are more prevalent than ever; and users are a lot more savvy at creating their own smart home s

Amazon Alexa - Can it be hacked??

Amazon explains why Echo recorded a conversation and sent it to a random contact Amazon Alexa digital assistant is part of the Echo devices that Amazon ships out. The job of Alexa is to answer questions when asked and respond to commands among many others. In what can be seen as the most embarrassing moment, according to an Oregon family who claims that their Amazon Echo has recorded a conversation and then sent it to a random person on their contact list. Two weeks ago, the person who happens to the employee of the husband has sent the couple the audio files of their chats that he received from their smart speaker. Like everyone, the couple has set up their Alexa-equipped devices to control heat, lights, and security. As soon as the incident happened, the family unplugged them all and has contacted Amazon. According to the couple, Amazon responded saying that they have checked the logs and reciprocates to what the couple is claiming. The Amazon support has also appreciated for

Smart Automation of your sweet home!

Smart Automation of your Sweet Home! Home, the word that makes us feel something very much ours, our world with our own people. It is the place where there is love, affection, care and most important attachment. Hence we not only look for good home but we also try our best to make it beautiful, to make it look awesome. We try to implement minute things while renovating it. We try to think from every person's choice, their need while making interior. We also try to give best possible comfort to our family members. Smart means we are talking here about comfort, safety, luxury, technology,  imparting  knowledge , implementing latest ideas and enjoyment!  Making home automated makes it more comfortable!  Various elements of home automation makes it more safer to live. To live luxurious life is our all time dream. Home Automation makes it happen in reality. Advanced technology is key of Smart Home Automation. As we are in 21st century, we are in the world where knowledge